Why Trade CFD ETFs on OPCMarkets

Track the performance of existing assets for example indices, stock market sectors and commodities through exchange traded funds (ETFs). ETFs are a great way to gain exposure to a specific part of the market or geographical region with restricted access to foreign investors.


Find further opportunities to trade with plenty of ETFs that offer access to usually out-of-reach market, covering indices, stock market sectors and commodities.


Leveraged ETFs offer multiples of the underlying asset they track – for example, the ProShares ULtraPro QQQ tracks the performance of the Nasdaq100 but delivers an impressive three times the performance of that index.

Trade your View

Should you wish to take a position on a broad market trend or a particular sector of the stock market, then ETFs let you combine multiple trades into one with lower dealing costs than opening multiple individual trades.


Our advanced platform offers powerful trading tools and technical indicators for trading ETFs, with access to market experts and insights via our Knowledge Centre and XRay.

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Ways to Trade

Trade CFDs

A CFD account will allow you to trade dozens of leveraged and non-leveraged ETFs. CFD trading is free from Stamp Duty in the UK. Profits are liable for Capital Gains Tax, but losses can be offset against profits elsewhere.

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How to Trade with OPCMarkets

Setting up a trading account with OPCMarkets is nice and easy , with just four key steps. Once you have provided your documents and funded your account, you can start trading indices straight away. Your OPCMarkets platform uses cutting-edge technology and a wide selection of tools to help provide the insights you need to trade the way you want.

Open a Demo Account

Whether you are new to trading or you just want to familiarise yourself with what OPCMarkets offers, our demo account is a great option. Trial your trades, learn how to use the platform and experience the tools, all in a risk-free environment. The demo is fully mobile compatible, wherever and whenever is convenient for you.

Introduction to Trading CFDs

Trading CFDs is a type of speculation on financial markets that enables you to profit from the movement in price of currency pairs, commodities, indices, stocks, bonds, ETFs and other financial assets. Leverage means you can control a larger position in the market, which magnifies both profits and losses.

Powerful Tools for Trading ETFs

Greater insights into the market gives you a better understanding, which can help you make those crucial decisions when it comes to your trades.

OPCMarkets is at the forefront of trader knowledge, providing you with insight and analysis from our team of experts and a broad range of fundamental, technical and sentiment tools.

Offering over a dozen different trader tools provide unrivalled insight into the market. Long term, short term, you can trade on your terms.


Fundamental tools looking at the macro- and micro-economic factors, from in-platform news feeds to economic calendars – essential tools for trading any market.


OPCMarkets boasts dozens of powerful indicators and oscillators for technical trading strategies. Use indicators like Elliott Wave, Fibonacci Retracement, Gann, MACD, RSI and many more to give your trading an edge.


Confidence indicators, hedge fund and other client positioning data, news sentiment tools that give an overview of the media coverage – sentiment signals are powerful additions in your trading toolbox.

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We are part of Finalto Trading Ltd, a subsidiary of Playtech, a FTSE 250 listed company. Our extensive experience and financial markets knowledge, plus a massive range of resources, means we can continue to pioneer advances in the world of financial trading.

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Trading Tools

From fundamental, to technical and sentiment tools, as well as our live XRay trading channel, we give you everything you need to trade smarter.



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